Welcome to our Resource Centre

Based in The Minehead EYE the C.L.O.W.N.S resource consists of an extensive Toy Library and Scrap-Store. We're open to everyone from across West Somerset, hiring toys - large and small - and providing a range of arts and crafts resources to families, playgroups, schools and nurseries, throughout the county.  


Our Toy Library . . .

For a small fee toys can be hired (in line with our COVID-19 protocols) from a few days to 2 weeks.


We kindly ask that you take care of our toys, and return them on time, so that they can be enjoyed by as many families as possible.

We also have a range of "Story Sacks" available for hire, which include a variety of props and puppets to help really bring stories to life!


Toy hire costs (per item):

Story Sack hire costs: 

£0.25p per day

£0.50p per day

£1.50p per week

£3.00 per week

A brief guide to hiring our toys . . . 

  1. Please wash and clean our toys before returning them to us

  2. You may be liable to pay for toys which are returned damaged or lost. Some toys may require a deposit

  3. Failure to return toys on time may incur an additional charge

  4. We check and ensure that all of our toys are safe to use before leaving our resource centre. You hire and use our toys at your own risk. It is your responsibility that they are used as stored safely

  5. Batteries are not provided for toys requiring them

    Before using the resource centre you will be required to complete and sign a full registration agreement. 

Don't forget our Resource Boxes . . . 

Resource box themes include:  Farm, food, jungle, literacy, music, my body, numeracy, occupations, science, sea life, transport and weather.

Resource Box  hire costs: 

£5.00 per month

(Subject to a deposit of £5.00)

We have a variety of themed resource boxes containing a variety of activities, games, puzzles, books and crafts to help support early learning development. Whether you're a preschool, nursery, or family we have a resource box to suit your needs. You can also request a resource box themed to your child or groups needs or interests! Click HERE .


Our Scrap-Store . . .

At C.LO.W.N.S we believe in living ecologically, sustainability, and creatively! Through our Scrap-Store we work with local and regional businesses to reuse and recycle materials and products that might otherwise find their way into landfill.


Their donations are collected and cleaned, before being given a new lease of life as an artwork or craft project.

Scrap tub's: 

Small  £1.50 

Large £3.00

Whether you run a playgroup, or need some new materials for an art project at home, simply drop in to our resource. We'll happily pull together a scrap selection with you for your project...we can even help brainstorm some ideas with you for what to make!

All materials and items that are donated are safety checked by C.L.O.W.N.S, both when they are added to the Scrap Store and when we give them to you to take home. When using our resources, you will be required to sign a short agreement acknowledging you are happy with our safety checks.

If you are a Somerset based business, and would like to inquire about making a donation to our Scrap Store, please get in touch! Please email us at info@clownsws.org.uk or call us on 01643 707 190.

You can now request themed resource boxes, request to hire toys from the toy store, or to have 'Scrap Bags' made up in advance of your visit to us. Simply fill in the form below...


Please use the comments box below to provide any additional information relating to your request. For example, if you would like a themed resource box, if you would like a particular toy, or if there are toys you've used previously and would prefer to not use again.  We will make every effort to fulfil you order as requested, and liaise with you directly should there be any availability issues. Your order is not confirmed until we have formally acknowledged the order receipt and accepted the order.

Thanks for the inquiry! We'll be in touch soon!